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Spring Dance Session 2024 - April 15 - May 20th
If interested, come to Studio (address below), or if questions, go to Contact on this website. Someone will contact you.
Cost for session is due at first class. Hope to see everyone for a really fun time! 

COME JOIN US AT THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: 608 N.Duke St., Studio 1, Durham, NC. 27701.
Register now online for classes in the new Year via this website.  Click Contact section, complete the form.  We are offering same classes as before. New teachers, music and exciting dances to learn!  COME visit us for a free class at this location.  Hope to see you soon!! 

At CDA, we put our students first by prioritizing their wellbeing above all else. We are committed to building an inclusive, fun, and safe environment for all dancers, families, and staff. As professionals, we lead by example through honesty, integrity, respect, and teamwork. We are growth-oriented and encourage individuals' ability, creativity, goals, and continuous self-improvement for both students and staff. We teach the value of hard work, dedication, and commitment to a task or endeavor.

With years of experience in the dance world, we are your number one choice. We strive to provide you with the absolute best service without any compromises. The studio where "Every dancer is a star."
When we first started out, Ms. Johnna's passion for dance and desire to make an impact has kept her in the business for over 40 years. Students that come to the studio are like family and instructed by a certified Dance Master teacher and assistants.
We are happy to be recognized as one of the Most Loved Studios in the Durham/Raleigh/triangle area and the Host studio for the Great Russian Nutcracker Ballet.

  • As a former dancer of Ms. Johnna's, I am so glad my daughter is having similar experiences. Dance at CDA has been great for both generations! (Tanya)."
  • "We love the grace and elegance that CDA incorporates into our daughter's dance routines.  Great quality in dance training and my children love attending class.  Keep up the good work!!"  (Danny and Holly - parents of Haley and Abby).